Making a Magazine 101 (Digital)

Making a Magazine 101 (Digital)

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Calling all creators! This 28-page digital zine is your one-stop shop for everything magazine making.

Packed with 16 chapters covering essential topics like business setup, creative tools, design, and print copies, this guide empowers you to turn your passion into print. 


CHAPTER 1: Why Do You Want To Make A Magazine

CHAPTER 2: Figuring Out Your “Thing”

CHAPTER 3: Crash Course On Branding

CHAPTER 4: What You’ll Need To Know Yourself

CHAPTER 5: Recruiting A Team

CHAPTER 6: Managing A Team

CHAPTER 7: Utilizing Social Platforms

CHAPTER 8: The Tools To Create A Magazine

CHAPTER 9: Schedule Of Publishing

CHAPTER 10: Crash Course On Print

CHAPTER 11: Selling Print Copies

CHAPTER 12: Release Checklist

CHAPTER 13: We Need Money - Ads Baby!

CHAPTER 14: Setting Goals

CHAPTER 15: Filling As An LLC, Trademarks & All That Biz

CHAPTER 16: Final Thoughts